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What Makes a Smart Home Smart?

08/17/11 | WCPN

Try to imagine a house so efficient it doesn't have a furnace or an air conditioner. It may sound like magic, but the people at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History claim to have pulled it off. On The Sound of Ideas we'll find out why the Museum's Smart Home uses just ten per cent of the energy of a normal house. Plus: how it's built, how some of the materials are truly local, and how to adapt the ideas found there to just about any home. On this rebroadcast from last June, you'll hear from the smart people who designed and built Ohio's first passive house, Wednesday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.


Evalyn Gates, PhD, executive director & CEO, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

David Beach, director, GreenCityBlueLake Institute, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Chuck Miller, principal, Doty & Miller Architects

Clint Cravens, field operations manager, Green Street Solutions

Listen to recording at link.


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