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Cities of the world, cities of the Great Lakes

David Beach  |  11/22/06 @ 2:04pm

We've been saying that the future of the planet depends on developing greener, healthier, cities that offer economic opportunities to more people. For a stimulating think-piece on the kind of urban agenda that will help us create sustainable cities in the 21st century, see the Brookings Institution's presentation, "An Urban Agenda for an Urban Age."

Part of the new thinking about cities suggests that we think about them in the context of larger metropolitan regions — or even mega-regions, the geographies that compete in the global economy. Brookings researchers were in Cleveland recently to release a new study, "The Vital Center: A Federal-State Compact to Renew the Great Lakes Region," which argues that this multi-state mega-region of 97 million people is a powerhouse of economic activity with more assets than people know. By collaborating as a region, the Great Lakes states can increase political clout and command a larger share of federal support and investment.

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