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Euclid Corridor Bike Lanes

Michael Lehto  |  02/19/08 @ 12:20pm

Alright, so I finally got a chance to try out the new bike lanes on Euclid Ave., one of the hallmark features of the Euclid Corridor project (in my opinion, anyway). Cleveland is notoriously hard on bikers, so it is refreshing and delightful to actually have some dedicated bike-space while heading to or from downtown. That said, I'm still going to complain a little: the Euclid bike lanes are still on the road space, and thus, bikers are still susceptible to swerving or erratic car movement. Why not just put the bike line above the curb line, extending the sidewalk to include the bike lane? This is how I've seen it done in many successful, bike-friendly cities... it's what enabled me to live for four years in Munich without a car (well, that and a great public transport system).

It is a step in the right direction, overall. I can only hope, as the City considers other similar projects or street renovations, they will do a little more research.

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