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GCBL staff  |  08/12/08 @ 2:51pm

  • With Americans driving less for the seventh straight month, less gas tax (18.3-cents on every gallon purchased) for highway building is flowing in. Transportation secretary, Mary E. Peters, thinks the short-term solution would be for the Highway Trust Fund's highway account to borrow money from the fund's (2.86 cents per gallon) mass transit account.

    The expectation is more transit riders will bring the account in balance, at the same time funds to attract new transit riders are being gutted. Isn't it about time we considered a sustainable transportation plan?

  • Because of the wild success of the Velib' bike-sharing program in Paris (it inspired Washington, D.C. to launch a bike share program and Montreal is considering one as well), the City of Light is now planning a car sharing service that would operate 4,000 electric cars.

    (Thanks to locally-owned company called CityWheels-Cleveland and Oberlin have had car sharing service since February 2006).

  • The Cleveland Public Library is featuring Cleveland rail history on its web site today. It includes tidbits like how many men worked on the various rail systems in the city in 1915 (4,465). Also, learn about famous Clevelander Amasa Stone's connection to rail. If you look closely, you can see a picture of the B&O rail terminal? the yellow brick building still in the Flats just below the new Federal Courthouse-before fire destroyed its clock tower and mansard roof.

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