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Deconstruct this house

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/29/08 @ 2:15pm

One-third of the labor needed to 'unbuild' or deconstruct a house is in twisting nails out of wood.

A typical (2,000 sq ft. 12 room) house in Cleveland can yield 300,000 pounds of stuff to recycle into new products.

This data and more came from Brad Guy, whose meticulous study of the deconstruction industry included a recent trip to Cleveland, The New York Times reports.

Now that Cleveland will see $16.1 million in foreclosure relief, local advocates for deconstruction, including Chris Kious, material recovery manager for A Piece of Cleveland, would like to see deconstruction go from a few pilot projects to 10 percent of Cleveland's 8,000 vacant homes recovered.

"What will it take to get to this scale?" Kious wonders.

The Times may have hit the nail on the head:

Deconstructing a house is like a W.P.A. project in reverse: a monumental taking down of what has been built to reclaim the energy and value locked away inside."

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