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Cleveland's next cottage industry?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/14/08 @ 11:47am

Joe Kovach set out to gross $90,000 per acre on his small farm plots of mixed fruits and vegetables. So far, the 'polyculture' micro-farm of this Ohio State University scientist has achieved exactly that.

Lately, urban agriculture has captured the imagination of those seeking the next cottage industry for cities like Cleveland. Polyculture farming is cost effective and more productive when animals live right where the food is grown (they produce free, carbon-less fertilizer not to mention eggs), food author Michael Pollan told a crowd at Oberlin recently.

Tomorrow, the Cleveland Planning Commission will consider the future of farming and a way to break our dependence on foreign oil. At a special meeting starting at 9 a.m., an ordinance relating to small livestock, primarily bees and chickens, will be discussed (it needs Planning and Council approval). Show your support for urban agriculture by attending the meeting.

Update: The Planning Commission unanimously passed the chickens and bees ordinance this morning (next step: City Council). Check back later this afternoon for a review of the meeting. 

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