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NASA connects with 2019 Advanced Energy group and corporate community

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/18/10 @ 5:15pm

The NASA Glenn Research Center's Technology Transfer organization will throw its weight behind the SC 2019 Advanced Energy Generation group's effort to identify which renewable power systems will work best in Northeast Ohio. In addition, the 2019 group is reaching out to the Corporate Roundtable and Corporate Sustainability Network members to identify potential collaborative projects and to provide regional sustainable energy solutions.

"Take full advantage of NASA's various energy experts and expertise, discover how diverse capabilities in our region can help advance your business," a recent Corporate Roundtable email urged its members.

NASA Sustainability Manager Linda Sekura explains: "NASA can provide invaluable information about the feasibility and probability for success for any technology. At the same time, we're open to trying just about anything. Engineers are wonderful at 'trying to find ways to make it work.'"

Sekura is also co-convener of the 2019 Advanced Energy group, which has been considering what is the best possible advanced energy system for Northeast Ohio? NASA could aid greatly in the vetting process, Sekura adds, "guiding where our efforts (and sparce funding resources) should be placed."

"Being in Northeast Ohio also gives them the benefit of being aware of the conditions here and what might work best. Also, their experience in integrating systems, along with experts in communication and circuitry, is what's needed for power and transportation energy infrastructure."

If your business would like to be part of this group, please contact Linda Sekura at linda.sekura@grc.nasa.gov, or by calling 216-598-0113.

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