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McKibben in Oberlin; Urban ag in blossom

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/28/11 @ 10:54am

· Environmental writer Bill McKibben leads a conversation about the climate movement-how do we keep it moving (after he made the case to stop the pipeline from the Canada tar sands through the heartland of America) 7 p.m. tonight at Oberlin. RSVP to attend.

· The 3,300 acres of vacant land resulting from home and commercial foreclosures, coupled with declining population, provide fertile ground for urban agriculture, Generation Foundation writes in "Urban Agriculture Movement Blossoms in Cleveland." Poor access to fruits and vegetables for low-income neighborhoods can be remedied in part.

They point to the Department of Developmental Disabilities' 1-acre Stanard urban farm (and their giant hoop houses pictured built by local food entrepreneurs, Tunnel Vision Hoops), the 6-acre Ohio City Farm on public housing land, and the under construction, $23 million, worker-owned Green City Grower greenhouse on 10 acres of vacant land at Kinsman and Ensign Avenue as rallying points for hundreds of individuals toiling away on urban farmers.

· Nortech's massing of Northeast Ohio's Advanced Energy cluster meets the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's exhibit on the Science of Climate Change this Wednesday at the "Roadmap to an advanced energy future" public forum.

· Link via Nortech: Akron sustainable business start-up Polyflow announces patents to converts mixed and contaminated plastic and rubber waste into transportation fuels and chemical intermediates.

· How can we drive progress to a clean energy economy when governments are broke and investment is scarce? The Energy Collective and The Sustainable Cities Collective will host a virtual conference on the topic this Wednesday, Nov. 30.

· Trails, walking and bicycling in the next federal Transportation Bill will compete for funding with wetland mitigation, noise walls, stormwater treatment plants and routine mowing and brush removal, the National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse (NTEC) reports. The group offers a comparison with the current federal program for bike-ped funds.

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