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Ellen Dunham-Jones: Cleveland has lots of "retrofit suburbia" potential

Marc Lefkowitz  |  12/07/16 @ 9:00am  |  Posted in Reuse

53% of Americans live in suburbs. World War II is considered an important demarcation line. Pre-war suburbs are mixed-use with walkable town centers and neighborhoods of the streetcar variety. Think Cleveland Heights and Lakewood. After 1945, development shifted radically — to automobile-oriented housing with various types of single-use commercial development along arterial highways.

Back from the dead<br />The Collinwood Rec Center is an $11 million green energy facility opened in 2011 as a creative reuse of a former big box store. It connects the 32-acre Humphrey Park to the northern reach of Cleveland Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation, including Euclid Beach, Villa Angela and Wildwood parks.

Why insulate? An introduction to home energy decisions

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/16/16 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Home efficiency

Reducing energy use at home is universally accepted as a top-tier decision acting in defense against climate-disruptive greenhouse gases. It could have the added benefit of making your home more comfortable.

<br />Insulating the PNC Smart Home, a real house that was built by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to display the latest in green building.

Bike talk: Talking biking in Cleveland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/07/16 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Biking

That unprotected feeling<br />A new bike lane in Cleveland (Lorain Avenue) does not protect cyclists with a physical barrier and it put the buffer that could have added protection on the curb side.<br />The Midway would raise the game for biking and greening the urban environment in Cleveland.<br />The Wiggle in San Francisco. Image credit: Dianne Yee/Flickr<br />A bike signal in Dresden, Germany for cyclists crossing at an intersection through a bike-designated area of the crosswalk.

“Why doesn’t Cleveland have more bike infrastructure?” my friends who are transportation cyclists ask me over drinks. “What do you mean?” I respond, telling them that Cleveland will paint 16 miles of bike lanes this year. “We don’t mean more bike lanes necessarily,” they say, adding “when we go to other cities, we see a lot of things they’re doing to encourage...more

Natural Cleveland: November

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/04/16 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Natural Cleveland

Many abandoned or vacant buildings are reverting to more natural forms.

<br /><br /><br />

The Lake Erie wind farm: Ready for its close up

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/03/16 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Clean energy

All of Northeast Ohio stands to benefit from a Lake Erie wind farm. It can have the legacy of belching yellow smokestacks and burning rivers remade.

<br />Lorry Wagner, President of LEEDCo, the high powered group building a wind farm for Northeast Ohio in the waters of Lake Erie.

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