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Shrinking is OK

Marc Lefkowitz  |  05/02/07 @ 4:33pm

Regeneration is at the very root of Shrinking Cities, an urban planning idea that gets full exposure this month thanks to the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative series of exhibits and symposia with an international cast of city planners and artists coming to Cleveland. The events focus on ways to put urban land back into productive use, CUDC senior planner Terry...more

Are we paying for sprawl?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  05/02/07 @ 10:31am

Case Western Reserve University professor and regional historian Gladys Haddad launches a Web talk show called Regionally Speaking on May 2. It will focus on regional issues, including neighborhoods and livability. Regionalism is once again a hot topic, with mayors across Cuyahoga County and even Forest City’s Sam Miller calling for more cooperation between the area’s politically fragmented,...more

Make the Case for sustainability

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/26/07 @ 3:23pm

What can colleges and universities do to instill lessons of sustainability? Schools competing for the top minds in the country, such as Harvard, are taking the lead with initiatives like the Campus Sustainability Pledge, challenging students to organize at least 50% of their dorm mates to take the pledge and reduce their ecological footprint, with the university awarding them with...more

Affordable Comfort in Cleveland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/25/07 @ 4:04pm

Hundreds of energy raters, home inspectors and green building practitioners have gathered in Cleveland this week for the national ACI Home Performance conference. ‘Internationally acclaimed building scientist’ Bernd Steinmuller delivered the keynote about how his sustainable designs were used to build 10,000 “passive” homes in Europe since 1991. Housing generates 40 percent of the energy we use, mostly through heating,...more

2-1 commissioners vote to tear down Breuer tower

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/23/07 @ 2:31pm

Cuyahoga County Commissioners Jimmy Dimora, Tim Hagan and Peter Lawson-Jones voted 2-1 in favor of tearing down the Marcel Breuer-designed Ameritrust Tower this afternoon, with Lawson-Jones speaking eloquently and at length on how he built his case for preservation and adaptive reuse of downtown Cleveland’s 28-story skyscraper as a home for consolidated county administrative offices. Dimora and Hagan...more

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