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Vote to address sprawl

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/06/06 @ 3:23pm

Tonight every TV station in the region will ask viewers to VOTE online about “Quality of Life — Addressing Sprawl” during local news showsFirst, a little backgroundAlarmed to see the region's wealth slipping away, 80 philanthropic organizations in Northeast Ohio formed the Fund for Our Economic Future in 2004. Its biggest project is Voices & Choices, a 15-county civic engagement...more

Better bicycling in Ohio

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/05/06 @ 11:05am

The recently passed Better Bicycling Bill is a triumph for Ohio — it affirms the way cyclists and motorist are expected to behave on the street. It clears up ambiguities about the rules of the road, and establishes that cyclists have equal rights by not allowing municipalities to bar them from riding on the road.The bill also states how cyclists...more

Closing the energy loop

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/01/06 @ 12:50pm

Cogeneration is one of those technologies that’s old enough to be new again. As costs skyrocket and concerns about air quality spread, interest grows in cleaner, more efficient energy production. Cogeneration may fit the bill — it doubles the efficiency of burning coal by capturing and reusing the hot air or steam that conventional power companies view as ‘waste’ (roughly...more

Gov candidates address land-use and urban investment

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/24/06 @ 1:49pm

The two major party candidates for Ohio Governor told an audience of local and regional government officials this week how they planned to address economic development. Among the themes stressed were regional approaches to economic development, better land planning and urban investment. Greater Ohio state director Gene Krebs, a former state legislator, found it “absolutely amazing” – and the first time ever...more

Cleveland's edge: A green GOP convention

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/17/06 @ 2:38pm

The Plain Dealer reported today that the 2008 National Republican Convention Site Selection Committee will visit Cleveland next week, the last stop in its tour of host cities on its short list. The story leads with the news that city leaders have raised $8 million in cash pledges plus $10.5 million of in-kind contributions toward the cost of hosting the event (which will cost upwards...more

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