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An opportunity to green the corridor?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/21/13 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Connecting to nature

Back in 2008, the state of Ohio woke up to its fiscal constraints and examined the myths handed down from the past, such as, road construction: Does it create permanent jobs, quality places and a certain magic that made traffic jams disappear? When the answer was 'no', projects like Opportunity Corridor literally went away.

Green opportunity corridors<br />A map of green systems and vacant land in Cleveland. Image: Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative from 2008 ReImagine projectGreen crown<br />A vision for a green restoration of Kingsbury Run. Image: Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. Vacant to green<br />A vision for vacant land as a green corridor in Slavic Village. Image from Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

Lakefront hopes

David Beach  |  06/10/13 @ 4:00pm  |  Posted in Connecting to nature

A great lakefront—clean, beautiful, green, and publicly accessible—has been at the top of Cleveland's civic to-do list for decades. Now it's starting to happen.

Edgewater Park in Cleveland<br />

Clean Ohio shows big returns from land preservation and brownfield redevelopment

David Beach  |  05/01/13 @ 4:00pm  |  Posted in Vibrant cities, Connecting to nature

The Clean Ohio Fund – the state’s primary funding source for open space conservation, farmland preservation, brownfield revitalization, and trail creation – has been a popular program. Now two independent studies have documented how the program generates big returns for the state’s economy.

Future segment of the Towpath Trail<br />A grant from the Clean Ohio Fund is helping to protect and restore this key section of riverfront along the Cuyahoga River on the Scranton Road Peninsula in Cleveland. It's one of many critical greenspaces purchased with Clean Ohio funds in Cuyahoga County.

Lakefront parks deal moving fast thanks to state funding

David Beach  |  04/02/13 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Connecting to nature

People who dream of a great Cleveland lakefront cheered yesterday, as Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a state transportation bill containing $14 million for repairs to Cleveland Lakefront State Park (not included in the bill was more support for transit, but that’s another story).

No access<br />The Cleveland lakefront has been poorly maintained for many years, but now there is hope for better management.

After a decade of dreams, what's the future for Eastside Greenway?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/13/13 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Transportation choices, Connecting to nature

Fourteen communities on Cleveland’s east side share a boundary and the distinction of being in the Eastside Greenway, a proposed network of parks and districts linked by greenspace and bike infrastructure. But to the cyclist cruising from Glenville to North Chagrin Reservation or the suburban runner training for a marathon, the communities may as well be one. Great greenway networks...

Biking across University Circle<br />The midway point in the Lake (Erie) to (Shaker) Lakes Trail, completed in 2012 with off-road trails, sidewalks and in some cases, dirt paths.Linking with the past<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail incorporates the existing Harrison-Dillard Bikeway, here through the median of Stokes Boulevard.Biking culture<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail has amazing views of architecture and art, including this piece from the David E. Davis Sculpture Garden along Stokes Boulevard.Tough sledding<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail has to traverse the difficult 'spaghetti bowl' of streets, here Carnegie Avenue, at the base of Cedar Hill.Linking business<br />BioEnterprise (building in the distance) and University Circle's 40,000 employees now have a viable bike link to Shaker Heights. <br />Transit links, too<br />This RTA bus loop will be replaced by a park, but the Rapid station at University Circle is being rebuilt.<br />Park connection<br />The Rudy Rogers Boy Scout park historically has been an underused green space between two commuting arterials. Perhaps the trail will help enliven it.<br /><br /><br /><br />Infrastructure tourism<br />The Baldwin Water Treatment plant for the city of Cleveland is an outstanding piece of architecture tucked in to the hill side climb to the Heights.<br /><br />Gateways<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail is along a major commute corridor and the entryway to the Larchmere neighborhood, home to world famous Shaker Square.<br /><br />Trail merging<br />At the entrance to Shaker Heights, the Lake to Lakes trail merges with the sidewalk.Fairhill in Shaker<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail transitions to a sidewalk as it crosses into Shaker Heights.Crossing Fairhill<br />The planning extension of the Lake to Lakes Trail will be facilitated by a crosswalk at Fairhill and North Moreland roads.Crossing Fairhill<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail extension will run along the north side of Fairhill Road pictured in the background.Trail extension<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail will be extended on this stretch of Fairhill Road in 2014.Coventry extension<br />The Lake to Lakes will be extended as a side path for Coventry Road.<br />North Park at Coventry<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail will improve walking and biking between Cleveland and Shaker Heights.This way to Shaker Lakes<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail extension planned for 2014 will include a spur leading to the Lower Shaker Lake. North Park Boulevard west<br />A new side path will connect North Park, where a dirt path and a bike lane can be found, with Fairhill Road which contains the Lake to Lakes Trail. North Park bike lane<br />A bike lane on North Park Boulevard west of Coventry in Cleveland Heights.Where the sidewalk ends<br />At the entrance to the Shaker Lakes, the sidewalk suddenly gives way (at SouthPark Road).<br /><br /><br />Stately<br />The sidewalk periodically returns -- if infrastructure is incomplete, the views along the dirt paths are nice. It points to room for improvement as the Eastside Greenway looks at a network of greenways and bike infrastructure.<br />Bioswale at Lower Shaker Lake<br /><br />Lower Shaker Lake<br />

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