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Why insulate? An introduction to home energy decisions

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/16/16 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Home efficiency

Reducing energy use at home is universally accepted as a top-tier decision acting in defense against climate-disruptive greenhouse gases. It could have the added benefit of making your home more comfortable.

<br />Insulating the PNC Smart Home, a real house that was built by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to display the latest in green building.

In Akron, transit & recycling could give a lift to households in poverty

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/28/16 @ 1:00pm  |  Posted in Home efficiency, Transit

A new report finds that jobs in "waste mining” and investments in public transit systems would be as effective as traditional workforce development and job creation strategies in Akron, Detroit, and eight other cities that might include the green economy in poverty reduction goals.

<br />Improving transit in Akron-Summit County could gain the region $8 million, and give a lift to households in poverty.

Why you should jump at the free Cuyahoga County home energy audit

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/11/16 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Home efficiency

With Cuyahoga County’s Department of Sustainability announcing that all county homeowners qualify for a free home energy assessment, we look back at the experience of going through an energy audit and the efficiency measures taken as a result.

Stacked deck<br />The physics of how most homes lose energy, described as the stack effect, is explained in a detail with a home energy audit. Figuring out where to slow energy loss is an expected outcome.

Emptied the oilfield in our attic

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/18/13 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Home efficiency, Home renovation

Hopefully, your e-filed taxes are bearing fruit this week (woot! direct deposit refund). For my part, I was surprised by the parsimoniousness for energy efficiency.

<br />

Weighing the 'green' option for hot water

Marc Lefkowitz  |  05/23/12 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Home efficiency

Being a first-time homeowner is often scary, messy, costly and ultimately one of the best providers...of valuable life lessons. When it comes to repairs-especially the emergency kind, like a hot water tank gushing 40 gallons of rusty water on to the basement floor -there's no better time to evaluate your sense of preparedness, budget and income. Let's just say, when I...more


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