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May the best little eco idea win

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/16/13 @ 9:00am  |  Posted in Biking, Transform, Composting

If you’ve ever had an idea for a business, then you can appreciate the spark of innovation that Enterprise Nurture An Idea Competition hopes to reward.

Little box<br />Shipping containers made into a shopping mall in Mexico. Pedal powered<br />A bike compost operation in Vermont

Ten things the next mayor can do to advance sustainability in Cleveland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/10/13 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Transform

What are the big investments or policy changes that will make the next mayor of Cleveland a sustainability leader? Here are ten recommendations that will make Cleveland a great place for living a healthy, low-carbon life.

Pay it back<br />Would investing in E. 55th Street in Slavic Village and Woodland Avenue create more benefit than the proposed Opportunity Corridor? Image: Laura McShane.Pop up shop<br />The reuse economy is starting to take form in Cleveland.Upcycle economics<br />Cleveland's St. Clair-Superior neighborhood is pursuing upcycling (like this re-claimed plastic flowers).Eat your greens<br />Rid All Green Partnership is turning vacancy in to urban farms along Kinsman and E. 81st Street in Cleveland.Bikes belong<br />Cleveland painted a bike lane on Edgehill Road in 2013. What would it take to stripe 100 miles of bike lanes in 2014?Good form<br />Cincinnati is adopting form-based code to spur sustainable development. Image: Form Based Codes Institute.Moving ahead<br />What is the next step for connecting Cleveland to the lakefront?

Great Lakes' cities brace for climate change

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/22/13 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Transform

What is climate change doing to the water levels in the Great Lakes? Setting up a roller-coaster pattern of highs and lows. Lakes Michigan and Huron sunk while Erie was higher than normal this year, The International Joint Commission reports. Expect an unpredictable future, IJC adds.

<br />

What Cincy sees in streetcar and walkable city codes

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/14/13 @ 1:00pm  |  Posted in Transform

What is Cincinnati grasping about the path to urban revitalization that could inform Cleveland efforts? Similar population loss (40% since 1950) sapped much of the vitality, but not the strong urban character of the Queen City.

Over-the-Rhine<br />Restored row houses in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Image: Andrew Frey.Building up and in<br />Cincinnati's $63 million Mercer Commons development is part of its rebuilding strategy. Image: UrbanCincyTransit oriented development<br />Cincinnati is betting that a streetcar like Salt Lake City's is a success model for regrowth.

Reviving the Rust Belt

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/02/13 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Transform

Baby steps might be the only way to turn around America’s legacy cities like Cleveland, a new Lincoln Institute of Land Policy report suggests.

All for one<br />Youngstown's Idora neighborhood was picked for an intensive vacant land reclamation project, Lots of Green. All 120 vacant lots have been repurposed. Image: Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp.Take it all back<br />Youngstown's Lots of Green project reclaimed all 120 vacant lots in its Idora neighborhood. Reuse types include: Housing rehabilitation, a 1.5 acre urban farm, side lot expansions and lot remediation. Image: Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp.Oui Ohio<br />Cleveland's ReImagining plan produced 58 pilot projects including Chateau Hough, a vineyard planted amid vacant buildings and lots. Image: Neighborhood Progress, Inc.

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