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Northeast Ohio's transportation agency moves toward fix-it-first with policy updates

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/11/15 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Transportation choices

NOACA, the regional agency which shepherds in plans for transportation, air and water quality, started updating its policies and shifting priorities—from an enabler of a car-centric transportation system to one that reflects a fiscal austerity of a state still feeling the effects of the recession—at its quarterly board meeting today.

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Unorthodoxy of Cleveland's W. 25th bike lanes raises concern

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/08/15 @ 4:00pm  |  Posted in Biking, Transportation choices

The pace of Cleveland’s progress in painting bike lanes has picked up since the passage of its 2011 Complete Streets law, and since the city announced last year that it was setting a goal to build 80 miles of bikeways by 2017. When the city resurfaces streets, bike lanes must be considered. (Not every street gets the upgrade—the likelihood is...

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As Pittsburgh grows its transit use, Cleveland struggles

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/01/15 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Transit, Transportation choices

For many Northeast Ohioans, transit exists only at the extremes: either it’s a luxury or a lifeline. For many, their interaction with transit involves driving to a train station in the suburbs, parking their car (for free) and riding a train when they want to go to a ballgame or to save on the cost of a monthly parking pass...

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University Circle to explore incentives to greening commutes

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/08/15 @ 4:00pm  |  Posted in Transportation choices

University Circle leaders are working on a plan that reckons with the perennial complaint about parking—using a method that a Case economics professor would understand.

Going all multi modal<br />University Circle has made transportation choices more viable, and want to build from that base with a transportation demand management plan.

Columbus transportation agency sees sprawl as a food security issue

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/06/15 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Local food system, Transportation choices

A lack of control over land use may ultimately affect everything from the cost to the availability of local food in Ohio where 90% of the state’s $40 billion farm revenue comes from exporting food. It could explain why Central Ohio’s transportation and planning agency, MORPC, is addressing land use as a food security issue.

<br />A farm for sale in rural Ohio.

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