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Time to get excited about regional planning in Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  11/28/12 @ 8:00am  |  Posted in Vibrant cities

Imagining a better future<br />A recent  workshop of the Quality Connected Places work stream of the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium.

Some of us have been part of numerous “regional visioning” projects over the years (see our back issues of the EcoCity Cleveland Journal for some essential history), and we’ve grown pretty cynical about planning processes that aim to think rationally about where development makes economic and environmental sense in fragmented Northeast Ohio. But it might be time to ditch the cynicism,...more

Where's the indignation (and voice) of NEO's environmental movement?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/12/12 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Vibrant cities, Transform

Interim Geauga County Commissioner Walter "Skip" Claypool joined a rant from Tea Party activists in Ashtabula County at last month's Northeast Ohio's Sustainable Communities Initiative board meeting. He called sustainability and the goals of the regional planning effort of more than 100 organizations a fundamental threat to the country. Activists claimed NEOSCC was part of Agenda 21—a UN document that...

Sustainability agenda<br />Geauga County Commissioner Skip Claypool insists that Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Initiative is tied to a UN document on sustainable development.

Reparations for urbanity

David Beach  |  10/15/12 @ 7:00am  |  Posted in Vibrant cities

New center of gravity<br />Acorn Alley and other developments are drawing life back to the center of Kent. (Photo by Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer)

Around Northeast Ohio people are re-discovering the virtues of quality urbanism—the convenience and excitment of walkable places with lots of destinations within reach. In a recent column, the PD's Steve Litt described how Kent State University and other local universities are leading the redevelopment of such places adjacent to campuses. And he makes a good argument for public support of these...more

Blogging from SXSW Eco: Cleveland takes the stage

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/03/12 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Vibrant cities, Transportation choices, Transform

Great start to SXSW Eco—the high (green) powered meeting in Austin, Texas—as Cleveland’s own David Jurca shared lessons from Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative’s Pop Up City product—this April’s Complete and Green Street demonstration, Pop Up Rockwell.

Pop up Rockwell<br />

In rebuilding, Cleveland looks just below its feet

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/29/12 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Vibrant cities, Clean water

<br /><br /><br />Green underfoot<br />A massive stormwater retention system goes in below the parking lot of the Marriott in University Circle. Photo: GCBL.

When rebuilding a city wracked by sprawl, loss of investment and social disorder, where do you begin? There’s a line of thinking that says you hark back to what’s elemental in this place. It has begun to permeate Cleveland’s vacant land reclamation efforts where advocates and agents with some resources to spend are looking to the land’s ecological service –...more

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