Healing the social contract between physician and public

David Beach  |  05/24/06 @ 3:38pm

Sweeping reforms at the Case School of Medicine this year could make the school a more effective supporter of healthy, sustainable communities — both in Cleveland and around the world. See excerpts here from medical school dean Ralph Horwitz's visionary white paper calling for radical reform of medical education and new emphasis on public health. Horwitz writes, "The failure of physicians to learn the fundamental concepts...more

Cleveland hosts national sustainability conferences

David Beach  |  05/18/06 @ 10:08am

Cleveland will be at the center of the sustainability world in the next 18 months. Local groups have landed an amazing set of conferences, including: Business as an Agent of World Benefit, October 23-25, 2006, a forum co-sponsored with UN Global Compact that will bring over 400 leading business executives and management scholars from around the world to explore ways in which...more

Start of a regional energy agenda

David Beach  |  05/17/06 @ 3:06pm

Many organizations and businesses are working on energy issues in Northeast Ohio, but how can we pull the fragmented efforts together into a long-term energy strategy that will transform the region — reducing our energy burden, reducing pollution, and promoting local energy-related industries? The answer to this question could come out of a planning project convened last Friday by The Cleveland...more

Energy can be the key to revitalizing Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  05/16/06 @ 2:00pm

Cleveland's future might depend on developing a plan for sustainable energy, according to Peter Garforth, an international energy and business consultant who spoke today at the City Club.The world market for energy is changing rapidly with the end of cheap oil, the onset of global climate change, increased demand from countries like China, and political instability in oil-producing regions. When prices double and triple,...more

Choice time for Voices & Choices

David Beach  |  05/16/06 @ 1:22pm

Voices & Choices — the 18-month, 15-county, civic engagement project involving thousands of citizens — is starting to hone its agenda for the economic transformation of Northeast Ohio. On June 6, the project will host a Regional Leadership Summit with 250 invited people to frame proposed solutions in six challenge areas:Inequitable public school funding Government fragmentation and inefficiency Creating a 21st century workforce Racial isolation and income inequalities Uncompetitive...more

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