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Perhaps the simplest and most foolproof way to build wealth in the region is to keep more dollars circulating in the local economy. Every dollar spent in locally owned stores or for locally produced goods and services has a beneficial multiplier effect far beyond a dollar that immediately flows out of the region.

This section will cover the efforts to support local businesses and to study how our dollars are flowing in and out of the local economy. Two priority areas will be energy and food — necessities that drain billions of dollars out of Northeast Ohio each year

Local, sustainable businesses

Do you know of another business producing its goods from local, sustainable sources? Let us know.

Buildings of the future

Buildings of the future >

See videos from the Museum's amazing Building with Nature Symposium

Our water vision

Our water vision >

What does it mean to be sustainable with water in Northeast Ohio?

Help us create the future!

Help us create the future! >

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