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HealthLine buses moving slower than expected on Euclid Avenue

07/06/10 | Karen Farkas, The Plain Dealer

Buses may be moving slower because the city, in trying to adjust the traffic lights, disconnected a component in the signals that allows a bus to continue in its dedicated lane through an intersection, even though the light has turned red for other vehicles.

So the articulated buses are currently traveling at the same pace as traffic.

"I am very disappointed with the performance of the Euclid Corridor," said Brad Chase, chairman of RTA's Citizens Advisory Board, which pressured RTA to release the run times. "It is much nicer and ridership is up, but timing-wise it has never really made it."

Chase, who lives in downtown Cleveland and works in University Circle, has taken the HealthLine since it opened on Oct. 27, 2008. But he sometimes chooses the rapid.

"I know that [the rapid] is not going to stop at traffic lights," he said. "This [the HealthLine] is supposed to operate like a train but on wheels and it is just not there. It can be. We have the equipment but need to program it properly."

Chase said RTA needs to set higher expectations for the HealthLine than saying it is doing pretty good.

"It should hit it out of the ballpark and show how transit should be done," he said. "There is no excuse not to get this thing right."


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