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Head of NOACA aims for truly regional planning

02/18/13 | Tom Breckenridge, The Plain Dealer

...Getting [NOACA's] urban-suburban board to agree on strategic goals will be tough, said David Beach, director of the GreenCityBlueLake Institute at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The tradition at NOACA is to dole out money based on local demands, he said.

"The board tries to distribute money based on what local politics decides is best," Beach said, "without thinking about what it all means to the region."

Beach and other advocates of renewing urban cores - from Willoughby to Cleveland to Elyria - say NOACA must steer away from its car-based mindset and do more to promote walking, cycling and transit.

"We spent 50 years building a landscape where everyone drives anywhere," Beach said. "It's hard to imagine how it can be different, but it needs to be. We can't afford it. We are damaging our environment and it's contributing to obesity and health issues."


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