Cleveland Museum of Natural History to Host Ninth Annual Conservation Symposium


Cleveland Museum of Natural History to HostNinth Annual Conservation Symposium Cleveland… Should you remove fallen logs from the forest? Should you cut or allow wild grapevine to grow? Find out about the biological consequences of manipulating forests at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Ninth Annual Conservation Symposium on Friday, Sept. 7. Titled “Forest Management: Seeing the Forest and the Trees,”...


RTA must fix or scrap its infernal machines: editorial

06/30/12 | The Plain Dealer Editorial Board

Calabrese and his staff also failed to heed early warnings. Brad Chase, chairman of the RTA Citizens Advisory Board and a veteran rider, says he tested a mock-up of the machines before they were installed and told the RTA that they were hard to use. He was right.Simply put, there's no excuse for failing to properly monitor this $10 million...


RTA, Xerox closer to solving problems with ticket machines along rapid lines

06/30/12 | Tom Breckenridge, The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- RTA riders may not have to deal with baffling ticket machines much longer. RTA needs to improve the machines soon, said Brad Chase, chairman of RTA's Citizens Advisory Board. The group red-flagged problems with the machines before they were deployed in 2009. "It's a huge part of the customer experience for RTA," Chase said. "It's important for RTA to...


RTA says fare machines don't measure up, so supplier won't get payment

06/24/12 | Tom Breckenridge, The Plain Dealer

The improvements are similar to those that the RTA Citizens Advisory Board pushed for two years ago, said board chairman Brad Chase. "This is the public face for RTA with thousands of riders," Chase said of the ticket machines, "and it's really terrible."


RTA General Manager Joe Calabrese's salary jumps by $26,000

06/18/12 | Tom Breckenridge, The Plain Dealer

Brad Chase, a regular rider and head of RTA's Citizens Advisory Board, said Calabrese has been a strong leader through tough times. Most transit systems are still cutting services, while RTA is expanding some routes, he said. "That bodes really well for Cleveland," Chase said.But Calabrese's team needs to make improvements, he said. Bus and train stations need more and easier-to-understand information...


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