Cleveland's RTA sees number of riders decrease for the second straight year

01/18/11 | Tom Breckenridge, The Plain Dealer

"The combination of a fare increase and reducing service, along with a weak economy overall, and you have a perfect storm for declining ridership," Brad Chase, chairman of RTA's Citizens Advisory Board, said in an interview after Tuesday's meeting. The RTA board does not expect to raise fares in 2011. The agency restored and added some services recently, due partly to...


Cleveland cyclists take to the road; numbers up 50 percent over past 4 years

11/13/10 | Tom Breckenridge, The Plain Dealer

Bike boosters believe they're making headway in the region's transportation plan. But NOACA should do more frequent and longer bike counts to build the case for greater investment, said Brad Chase, climate change project manager for the GreenCityBlueLake Institute at Cleveland Museum of Natural History. "We think a lot of the bicycle traffic is being missed," Chase said. "Regions that have done...


David Beach closing remarks at Sustainable Cleveland 2010 Summit

09/23/10 | GreenCityBlueLake Institute


ODOT's routes all lead to 'no': editorial

07/12/10 | The Plain Dealer Editorial Board

Is it any wonder that both Strickland and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson quickly concluded that they'd rather just add bike and walking lanes to the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge -- the outcome ODOT wanted all along? But Brad Chase, a program manager with the eco think tank GreenCityBlueLake Institute, who discussed the bike lane with ODOT officials, says they were asking the wrong...


HealthLine buses moving slower than expected on Euclid Avenue

07/06/10 | Karen Farkas, The Plain Dealer

Buses may be moving slower because the city, in trying to adjust the traffic lights, disconnected a component in the signals that allows a bus to continue in its dedicated lane through an intersection, even though the light has turned red for other vehicles. So the articulated buses are currently traveling at the same pace as traffic. "I am very disappointed with...


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