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Artists and the environment

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/11/06 @ 2:06pm

James Voorhies says:

Today many artists and designers are working to reconcile problems of over-consumption, waste and pollution with solutions of sustainability, recycling, and renewable resources. Supporting artists actively engaged in issues related to the environment is crucial for helping to raise awareness and generate community interest for eco-friendly living.

Artists such as Amy Franceschini (speaking this Thursday at Kent State University - see event detail here) and the multi-disciplinary artist-collective Futurefarmers, based in San Francisco, and Lauren Bon’s project Not A Cornfield, which just recently transformed 32 acres of industrial land in Los Angeles to a fertile ground for a future park, are two examples of the impact, inspiration and influence that artists and designers can generate with regard to subjects related to the environment.

By supporting artists interested in issues of sustainability, Cleveland too can raise awareness and initiate change for a greener Northeast Ohio. Read more...

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