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Clinic's public square stirs interest

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/27/06 @ 9:24am

When a giant like the Cleveland Clinic proposes to shut down Euclid Avenue to car traffic and create a pedestrian mall between E. 86th to E. 105th streets, it’s going to generate a response. And not only with RTA — which is in the middle of the Euclid Corridor Project and is pulling its hair out over the timing of the proposal.

GCBL readers have expressed their interest and concern as well. Here’s a sample from your comments:

I agree with your statement about CCF's lack of urban design awareness. Most buildings have no interaction with the street and the pedestrian experience is a hundred fold better on the interior than the exterior of said buildings…I suppose if CCF is to get the benefit as the first car-free district in Cleveland, we ought to ensure that it is done properly, so it doesn't fall flat on its face.”

"The big issue for me with all these behemoth buildings is that they don't breathe, they don't respond in conversation. You can't have a dialogue with them. You try to peer in and they just stare back, cold and reflective. Could taking the road away help? Probably, but I agree — leave the bike paths."

"Closing off vehicle traffic will only make its pedestrian-unfriendliness *worse*. It will turn into a dead zone, and probably attract loiterers / petty criminals. It's important to keep in mind that prioritizing pedestrians doesn't necessarily mean getting rid of cars from a district."

"If I lived in Beacon Place/Woodhaven, I would certainly support this idea. Where else is there to take a walk, or walk a dog? The Burger King parking lot?"

What are your thoughts? Share them here.

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