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Is it safe to go into the water?

Kim Palmer  |  11/14/07 @ 6:14pm

As the summer months wind down and that familiar end-of-summer anxiety begins to sneak into our collective Cleveland consciousness, the pull to take just one more bike ride or one more trip to the beach is palpable.

Unfortunately-at the same time more of us are feeling the urge to go to the beach and soak up that last bit of summer-studies have proven that E. coli levels in Lake Erie are, on average, higher during the later summer months.

This is the first year that predictive modeling results are used to advise the public if E. coli levels go above 235 columns per milliliter. Every day Huntington Beach visitors can check swimming advisories posted at the multiple beach entrances or at the Ohio Nowcasting website. Read more about beach water quality testing.

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