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New symbol for the lakefront

David Beach  |  11/14/07 @ 5:27pm

On May 4 a towering new presence was erected on the lawn of the Great Lakes Science Center on Cleveland's lakefront - a 150-foot tall wind turbine. It's the first turbine on the southern shore of Lake Erie, and supporters hope it will be a highly visible symbol of the potential for Northeast Ohio to become a center of advanced energy manufacturing.

The science center intends to use the turbine to demonstrate wind power technology, create a greater public awareness of renewable energy, and educate its visitors and the public about the benefits of alternative energy for the region. It is also developing related exhibits, including interpretive panels on the science and technology of the turbine, an example turbine blade, and a touch-screen kiosk providing both real-time and historical data on wind speed, power generated over time, and the amount of carbon dioxide pollution prevented. With peak output of 225 kilowatts, the turbine is expected to generate enough electricity to meet about 7 percent of the center's annual needs. Go here for the full story.


Statement by Bill Spratley, executive director of Green Energy Ohio, about the new wind turbine in Cleveland

On behalf of Green Energy Ohio, we applaud the Great Lakes Science Center's leadership in advancing clean, wind energy in Ohio by installing a substantial wind turbine and furthering public education about wind power as we work toward a sustainable energy future.

Not since the days of the 1890s when the world's first-ever wind turbine invented by Charles Brush and producing electricity for 12 years on Euclid Avenue has Cleveland witnessed wind power in action. We believe Cleveland today can again be a leader in manufacturing modern wind turbines, as well as educating a public starved for energy produced at reasonable prices in our own nation.

As the local host for SOLAR 2007, the national solar conference coming to downtown Cleveland in July 2007, Green Energy Ohio looks forward to the Science Center's new installations and exhibits as a renewable energy showcase for the conference theme: "Sustainable Energy Puts America to Work!" GEO is also anxious to learn about the wind resource data from the new GLSC lakeshore wind turbine compared to the wind speed and wind power data being collected on the Water Crib wind monitoring tower 3.5 miles offshore - the highest elevation wind test in any of the Great Lakes. GEO will be releasing the initial 6 months of wind data from the Crib test in the next several weeks along with an update of other land-based wind power tests to improve the Ohio Wind Resource map.

More information about wind power in OhioOhio WindGreen Energy OhioCleveland Crib wind monitoring projectPD graphic on the workings of the wind turbine

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