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A green region on blue waters

David Beach  |  12/16/07 @ 5:24pm

With a nod to GreenCityBlueLake at his City Club address on December 4, Chris Warren said that one of the keys to the revitalization of Northeast Ohio is the protection of the natural environment - "becoming a green region on blue waters." This will include initiatives such as:

  • Reforming transportation spending to take care of existing infrastructure in older communities (a fix-it-first policy) and creating a regional transit system.
  • Making the region a hotbed of advanced energy development (stimulated by a state renewable energy standard and the transition by Cleveland Public Power to renewable sources of electricity).
  • Promoting a vision of sustainable redevelopment of the Cuyahoga Valley and completing the Towpath Trail.
  • Supporting green building standards for public buildings, subsidized housing, and even entire neighborhoods.

Warren, the City of Cleveland's chief of regional development, said the other revitalization keys are investing in Cleveland, the region's flagship city; economic diversification and growth; and education for a skilled workforce. And he called for a regional system of sharing the benefits of growth among all communities, which is the subject of a much-anticipated study scheduled to be released in early 2008 by the Northeast Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association.

For a podcast of Warren's speech, go here.

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