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State priorities for the environment

David Beach  |  01/23/08 @ 10:10pm

The Ohio League of Conservation Voters is recommending the following legislative priorities for 2008:

  • Great Lakes Compact (HB 416), which would give Ohio's approval of the multi-state strategy to protect the Great Lakes from water withdrawals.
  • Lake Erie Restoration (HB 298), which would help stop the invastion of exotic species into Lake Erie by controlling the discharge of ballast water from ships.
  • Clean Ohio Fund reauthorization, which would extend the popular funding program for brownfields cleanup, protection of greenspace and farms, and the development of recreational  trails.
  • Tougher controls to prohibit persons with criminal records from running construction and demolition debris landfills.
  • Statewide energy policy bills to set standards for renewable energy production and energy efficiency (SB 221), provide an income tax credit for the replacement of old appliances with energy-efficient models (HB 158), and provide a tax credit for constructing energy-efficient buildings (SB 199).
  • Global climate change bill (SB 128) to create an Ohio Climate Commission to study the impacts of climate change on Ohio and recommend ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

See the full report of the Ohio LCV.

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