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Linking land use, transportation and economic development

David Beach  |  04/16/08 @ 8:32am

Will we ever have a coordinated, regional approach to revitalizing cities in Northeast Ohio? There are several intriguing moves in that direction:

  • The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), the five-county transportation funding agency, is talking about getting into land-use planning and prioritizing transportation projects linked to economic development. See NOACA memo and PD story.
  • On May 15, the Northeast Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association will release a study on the options for tax-base sharing in the region. Such sharing could make it easier for the whole region to support new development in high priority locations where it will build upon existing assets.
  • ODOT has just announced the Ohio 21st Century Transportation Priorities Task Force, which "will prioritize how the state balances the movement of people and freight, promotes safety and reduces congestion, creates jobs and encourages responsible growth, helps to build sustainable communities, and links all modes of transportation - connecting highways to rail, aviation, water ports, and transit." This could be an opportunity to imagine how transportation investments can promote sustainable communities.

We will be following these initiatives closely in the coming months.

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