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Cultivating a local food site

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/10/08 @ 1:34pm

Peter McDermott figures, heightened interest where our food comes from is a sign that a central "spot" to connect and share ideas on how to grow a sustainable, local food system is needed. Like the subject of his interest (foodies, urban gardeners, locavores, etc.), he decided against waiting, and just rolled up his sleeves.

McDermott is a Network Weaver atEntrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S), and recently launched localfoodcleveland.org, a social network that's free to join, but on the look-out for valuable ideas.

He used a free program called Ning to build the local food site. The main feature is a forum where any registered user can post a topic, such as McDermott's on Farmers of the future - immigrants, hipsters, retirees, and the green-collar workforce?

Also on offer: a community calendar and a way for groups, such as local asphalt gardeners, to instantly build their own mini-site with photo galleries and forums.

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