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Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/21/08 @ 9:13am

  • Clean Fuels Ohio launched its statewide "Ohio Green Fleets" program today. The goal is to "significantly improve the environmental performance of business and government vehicle fleets across Ohio through diesel cleanup and other strategies." If you have a fleet of vehicles (or know someone who does) that could use a plan to reduce their environmental impact, contact jmcgovern@earthdaycoalition.org
  • Walk+Roll Cleveland happens this Sunday from 11a.m. to 6 p.m. Inspired by the weekly Ciclovias in Bogota, Columbia, MLK Drive will be closed to cars so that you can take to the street on foot, bike, rollerblade, Heel-y, etc. and enjoy Rockefeller Park and The Cleveland Cultural Gardens. The Hungarian Cultural Garden is celebrating their 70-year anniversary. Artists are invited to sell their creations.
  • Cleveland Fruit Share is a group of citizens turning a pesky problem-that fruit tree dropping ripe fruit on your car, deck, etc.-into food for those in need. You can join the group free online and volunteer your fruit tree for pruning or to be part of the collection crew. For example, they spent a few hours last weekend helping a Cleveland Heights resident pick pears from a tree in her yard that was a "mushy slip-and-slide in her driveway-the pears were tasty, and it was a shame to let them all go to waste." The group is giving the pears away to neighbors and for free at farmer's markets, but they're in search of a more organized way to distribute fruit after picking it. If you have suggestions, go here.
  • TCP, a distributor of Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs located in Northeast Ohio, is donating a portion of the profits from their bulbs to local nonprofit group Environmental Health Watch. So next time you need some new CFL bulbs, go here to save energy and support EHW and its recently launched Healthy Affordable Green Housing program.

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