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Visions for a sustainable Cleveland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/20/08 @ 11:11am

Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S) hosts networking nights once a month which attract hundreds of visionaries-people who work in Northeast Ohio's green industries-to one room (Great Lakes Brewing's Tasting Room) to share their energy and ideas for transforming society. Last night's topic called for participants to share their visions of a sustainable Cleveland.

E4S seeded the discussion with questions like: "What would it look like if all the businesses in Northeast Ohio committed to being zero waste by 2019?" And, "What if we created a rating system for Triple Bottom Line businesses ? could we become the region with the most? 

Beer and organized networking emboldened people to share ideas on what they'd like to help transform. Here are some of the comments and suggestions:

  • How do we build capacity for every farmer's market and The West Side Market to compost and donate unsold food? (This comment builds from E4S director Holly Harlan's challenge to view waste as an asset)
  • What's the best way to create sustainable children?
  • Launch an Insulate Cleveland! campaign that invests resources directly in insulating homes and businesses of people who don't qualify for the state's Home Energy Assistance Program but who may struggle to afford home energy assistance.
  • Environmental landscaping can create jobs and clean up contaminated soil for many Cleveland residents whose properties contain toxins.
  • Build our deconstruction industry ? remove blighted homes to make room for urban farms and get fresh food in the city
  • Build a Sustainability Center where everyone can be educated
  • I'd like to see local foods in our schools and as part of our curriculum

What would you like to see or work on to transform your city into a Green City on a Blue Lake?

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