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Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/02/08 @ 4:13pm

  • The Nature Conservancy is looking to hire a Great Lakes Climate Change Scientist to analyze and interpret emerging climate change science for conservation practitioners and policy-makers in the Great Lakes Region. Read more.
  • Tokyo has more cycling commuters than the entire US, and has an inventive way to deal with bike parking. Here's a video from the Washington Post of an automated bike parking system, operating near a train station, that uses swipe cards to securely park and retrieve bikes in 10-15 seconds.

    GCBL has started collecting interesting ideas like this in an "Ideabank for bike facilities" page.

  • California passes a law linking land-use to carbon emissions. If signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bill would require local governments to plan their growth so that homes, businesses and public transit systems are clustered together. The goal is to help California meet the emission mandates spelled out in a wide-ranging greenhouse gas reduction law passed two years ago. Read more.
  • The Coit Road Farmers Market is seeking committed individuals with thefollowing skills to join their board of directors:Internet/WebmasterPublicity/Public RelationsFinance/TreasurerDevelopment/Grant WritingEvent Planning/Entertainment

    Interested parties can email their resume to board@coitmarket.org

  • Under the agreement with New York Attorney General Andrew M.Cuomo, Xcel-one of the largest power producers in the U.S.-will disclose the financial risks of lawsuits and of federal or state court decisions that would affect its business. The company will also analyze and disclosed the "material financial risks" to itself associated with global warming, like drought - coal plants are prodigious users of water - or rising sea levels. Read more.

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