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State honors GreenCityBlueLake for work to restore Lake Erie

David Beach  |  10/02/08 @ 1:00pm

The GreenCityBlueLake Institute was honored with the Ohio Lake Erie Commission's annual Lake Erie Award earlier this week. The award recognized our many years of work as an organization - at EcoCity Cleveland and now at our new Institute at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History - to support the Commission's Balanced Growth Program and other projects to help raise awareness of the links between water quality and land use. The award recipient for outstanding individual was Robert Heath, who recently retired as the director of the Kent State University's Water Resources Research Institute.

"It is an honor to recognize Dr. Robert Heath and the GreenCityBlueLake Institute for their long-standing commitment to the stewardship of Ohio's waters," said Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Sean Logan, chair of the Commission. "They recognize and embody the extent to which our economic health and the health of our natural resources are connected. They have been great friends to Lake Erie and have supported us as we work to create a state where business, families and nature can prosper."

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Commission also approved the 2008 update of the "Lake Erie Protection and Restoration Plan," which for the first time added climate change as a priority issue facing the lake.

In addition, the Commission discussed rules being developed for the siting of wind turbines on Lake Erie, the application of the balanced growth program to watersheds throughout the state, and plans to designate the Ashtabula River as a State Scenic River.

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