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Sustainability update 10.2.08

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/02/08 @ 12:07pm

  • Renewable energy tax credits, which spur research and development and are set to expire at the end of 2008, were included in the bail out of the financial markets passed by the Senate last night. Some speculate that deals like this and more direct financial help for those directly affected by foreclosure might sway members in the House. Read more.
  • Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer rides his bike to the Capital every day. He's working to convince Congress that people could use a little boost to keep them riding. Outside Magazine interviews Blumenauer, sponsor of the Bicycle Commuter Act, which the House passed last week (along with off-shore drilling). The bill includes a $20-a-month fringe benefit to cover cyclists' commuting expenses. If it passes the Senate, what's the next issue to tackle with cycling for you? We will be looking at comprehensive efforts to enhance the cycling experience. What you mentioned about bike facilities -here in Washington, D.C., for instance we've been working on launching a bike sharing program for the city. A bike central at Union Station. There are opportunities around the country to integrate the bicycle into the urban fabric. The second piece will be expansion of the safe routes to schools. Having a national network of bike trails and paths, I think will be high on the agenda.
  • Bamboo bike maker grows his frames, Bonsai style. Read more.
  • A power plant is testing a new way to capture its CO2 emissions and reuse it as a resource in the production process of concrete. Read more.
  • The financial crisis has shut cities from New York to Athens, Georgia out of bond markets, effectively halting new construction projects. When the ripple effect reaches Northeast Ohio, how will it impact on projects like the convention center/Medical Mart, road and bridge construction and new development in areas without infrastructure already in place?
  • Wade Oval to become ice rink

    An exciting new addition is coming to Wade Oval this winter as University Circle Inc. opens an outdoor ice rink. Best of all, admission is FREE. Bring your own skates, or rent them when you get here, and spend some time enjoying the tranquil beauty of Wade Oval in the winter. When you're finished skating, be sure to stop by the museums to warm up. Opening on Sunday, December 7, hours will vary. Look for more information coming soon to the UCI website. www.universitycircle.org.

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