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Sustainability update: Emerging Cleveland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/05/08 @ 10:31am

  • Emerging Cleveland tours are on for the fourth straight year this Thanksgiving and during the Winter Holidays. Twentysomethings Justin Glanville and Jeanne Romanoff-who lived in East Coast cities before returning to their native Cleveland- lead the young and restless, students and grads home for the holidays on a bus tour of new urban and green developments. The idea is to showcase Cleveland's big city amenities and progressive ideas and to make the case that you can have a fulfilling urban lifestyle and connections to home.
  • A vacant block hidden behind the main drag of Carnegie could become a laboratory for intergenerational housing. Fairfax Renaissance, a nonprofit development group, is hosting a competition to design a village along Central Avenue and E. 83rd Street of apartments and/or single family houses that would appeal to the 16,000 intergenerational families in Cuyahoga County. Read more.
  • How many people living in the city use their postage stamp backyard for recreation? How many are using it to sit and stare at something green? A cool local food business idea can keep the best and get rid of the rest. Trevor Paque, 29, is replacing little grass plots in San Francisco and planting veggies. The new wrinkle is Paque hires himself out to tend the garden plots. You earn back his fee by selling shares of the produce to your neighbors. Read more.

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