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12.9.08: Leaving our cars

Marc Lefkowitz  |  12/09/08 @ 2:05pm

  • From The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Americans continue to ride public transportation at record levels even though gas prices have declined. APTA said more than 2.8 billion trips were taken on public transportation in the third quarter of 2008, up 6.5% from the third quarter of 2007 and the largest quarterly increase in public transportation ridership in 25 years.

    APTA noted that, by contrast, vehicle miles of travel (VMT) on the nation's highways declined in the same period by 4.6%, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

  • Cleveland.com reports: Passenger rail service from Cleveland to Cincinnati could be a reality by 2010 if the state gets $100 million in proposed infrastructure stimulus money.

    Once carbon is taxed or assigned a price that corresponds to its cost to produce and burn, it will be even clearer the value we receive investing in the infrastructure to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) between Ohio's major metro areas.

  • From the Ohio Environmental Council: Coal industry lobbyists have launched a sneak attack at the Statehouse in Columbus. With just two weeks to go in the 2007-2008 legislature, they want lawmakers to roll back clean water laws. Laws that protect pristine streams from being turned into vast lakes of toxic coal waste. The coal bill (Ohio Senate Bill 386) is scheduled for a possible vote in the Ohio Senate on Tuesday and the Ohio House on Wednesday! Click here to take action.
  • From Bioneers: We facilitate change. Bioneers Board members are on the move. Greg Watson was tapped for Obama's Energy transition team. David Orr met with transition head John Podesta on the Presidential Climate Action Plan, and it's in play. Charlotte Brody joined Van Jones' esteemed Green For All as program director to help assure racial and economic equity in the new green revolution.

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