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1.20.09: How we would fund bike, transit facilities

Marc Lefkowitz  |  01/20/09 @ 3:21pm

  • Will Allen, a former NBA player who built a 2.5 acre farm in the middle of inner-city Milwaukee to grow healthy food for his neighbors, was recently awarded a MacArthur "Genius Grant". "The farm also features an innovative three-level growing system with a giant fish tank on the ground floor and two levels of plants above. Water is pumped from the giant fish tank to the top level, where the plants then filter out the waste, and return fresh water to the fish below. It's a fish farm and plant farm all in one." Read more.
  • From the group Healthy Transportation's listserve:

    "On a (recent) Sunday Meet the Press program, House Minority Leader, Representative Boehner's (R-OH) anti-bicycle and anti-pedestrian stance became more public when he said "I think there's a place for infrastructure. But what kind of infrastructure? Infrastructure to widen highways to ease congestion for American families? But if we're talking about beautification projects or we're talking about bike paths, Americans are not going to look very kindly on this."

    He apparently:

    • Ignores the numerous studies documenting that the overwhelming majority of Americans favor more bike paths
    • Is ignorant of the obesity epidemic that causes diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and dozens of other chronic illnesses which are killing us and crippling our healthcare system
    • Does not understand that bicycling, walking and other non-automobile methods are valid transportation for people
    • Cares nothing about the 33% of Americans who do not drive due to age, personal circumstances, physical impairment or poverty
    • Is not aware of the significant economic benefit that walkable / bikeable neighborhoods create or that more people walking and biking foster safer, more vibrant communities
  • Why is Portland, Oregon always cited as a model progressive city? Because it's usually leading the way, as it does again this week with putting bicycling and pedestrian improvements in its request for stimulus package funds. Northeast Ohio is also mentioned for including bike trails and greenways in our wish list.

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