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1.30.09: Tax or outright ban plastics in Cleveland?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  01/30/09 @ 10:36am

  • By now we've all heard of the island of plastic bags & bottles the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean. Some Cleveland officials want the city to join ranks of 'doing something about it.' The city is considering an outright ban on plastic bags like San Francisco or a tax like the one passed in the Republic of Ireland, says Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone.

    The following U.S. cities are also considering fees or bans of plastic bags: Austin, Texas; Bakersfield, Calif.; Boston; New Haven, Conn.; Portland, Ore.; Phoenix; and Annapolis, Md. We can't let Boston beat us! Read about plastax and plastic bans and leave your comment on what the city should do here.

  • At the Cleveland Conserves campaign kick-off last Friday, Cleveland Office of Sustainability director Andrew Watterson promised the city will focus on reducing its energy use by 10 percent.

    Contributing to the goal could be new green requirements built into contracts for municipal projects. Councilman Matt Zone says he asked the city's Law Department to look into inserting green requirements in all city contracts. Examples could be requirements to source local and recycled-content materials and to reduce waste. The city's effort mirrors one at the state level spearheaded by Representative Mike Skindell.

  • From Morgan at OSU Extension: Chicken and Bees...The Final Frontier The Health and Legislation Committees of the city of Cleveland passed the ordinance this past Monday with a few minor amendments. The final Cleveland City Council Committee hearing on the Farm Animals and Bees legislation will be this Monday, February 2nd at 2:00 pm, when the revised ordinance goes to the Finance Committee. This is the last committee to hear the ordinance before it goes to a vote to full council. It is important to have as many folks there as possible. Please pass this email on to anyone who might be interested. If there are any updates I will post them on www.localfoodcleveland.org
  • ODOT may have forgotten to ask residents in Cleveland's Forgotten Triangle if they wanted an Opportunity Corridor, but this forlorn industrial area has a revitalization plan nonetheless. Evidence that Ward 5 is intent on using its Master Plan as a blueprint to bricks-and-mortar-but also some innovative greening ideas like a tree farm-are starting to crop up, writes Burton Bell Carr. The nonprofit community development corporation is driving plans for a $100 million project to demolish the Urban Renewal-era public housing Garden Valley estates and build new, mixed (market rate and mixed income) condos and townhomes. Plans also include:
    • $5.95 million rehabilitation of Kinsman Road and Woodland Avenue in 2009
    • $1 million renovation of the Marion Motley Playfields in 2011
    • $3.65 million replacement of Fire Station No. 26 in 2012
    • The new headquarters of CMHA to be located at East 80th Street and Kinsman Road
    • An Urban Tree Farm concept to be implemented in the northeast corner of East 79th Street and Kinsman Road; and
    • Targeted investment in the City of Cleveland-designated Bridgeport Model Block, a program that focuses of the comprehensive physical improvement and social enrichment of Colfax Road.

    Read more.

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