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City chickens & bees at the gate

Marc Lefkowitz  |  01/24/09 @ 10:53am

It's the moment of truth for a cottage industry: Raising chickens and bees in Cleveland. The much-debated legislation to allow city folk to be a little bit country will be presented to the Health and Legislation Committees of Cleveland City Council this Monday, January 26 at 9:30 am.

Public presence is very important at this meeting, writes Morgan Taggart of OSU Agricultural Extension, a supporter of the law. After this hearing only one additional committee (Finance) will hear the ordinance. Then it will be presented to council for a final vote most likely in the next two weeks. Please feel free to pass this onto neighbors, friends, and others.

Cleveland City Hall is located at 601 Lakeside Ave in Cleveland. The meeting will be in Council Chambers on the Second Floor.

These next few days are a great opportunity to speak with your council member and all council members about this issue. You can call, write or e-mail council members; or do all three. Here's the link to the council directory.

If you call, tell the person who answers that you are calling in regards to Ordinance 1562-08- Restrictions on the Keeping of Farm Animals and Bees.

Read the Executive Summary of the legislation for your talking points.

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