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Cleveland stops idling

David Beach  |  01/19/09 @ 9:47am

Sustainability is about achieving multiple benefits, and the City of Cleveland's new anti-idling policy is a good example. Announced this weekend at the EarthFest, the policy will limit the idling of city vehicles, thus reducing fuel consumption, improving air quality, and saving money. Notification and training of employees will take place through May, and the policy will go into effect in June for the entire City of Cleveland fleet.

"Unnecessary idling pollutes our environment and drains our resources," Mayor Frank G. Jackson said in a statement. "This is an important policy which can help improve quality of life and overall health for Cleveland's residents, employees, and visitors."

According to the city, idling of vehicles consumes approximately 17% of a vehicle's fuel. Some idling is unavoidable in traffic, but a lot of idling can be avoided by turning off the engine when the vehicle is not in use or needed to power other equipment.

"Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to local air pollution and are a significant contributor to the non-attainment status of ozone and particulate emissions in our region", said Andrew Watterson, the City of Cleveland's Sustainability Program Manager, who helped initiate the policy.

The policy provides a good model for other cities in the region.

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