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Eco-innovations from Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  04/15/09 @ 2:40pm

Sustainability is often about doing things better at lower cost and with less environmental impact. And it's great to see Cleveland-area companies developing breakthrough products to do just that.

MesoCoat, for example, is figuring out how to replace the toxic process of chrome plating with nanotechnology solutions combining metals and ceramics. The resulting coatings are cheaper, stronger, tougher, and more environmentally- friendly - while offering superior corrosion resistance.

"Nanocomposite coatings exhibit the potential to extend the life of our infrastructure to 80-100 years of maintenance-free life," says MesoCoat CEO Andrew Sherman. "We are at a unique moment in time with tremendous opportunity, given the intersection of our two technologies with the need for infrastructure renewal and the cleantech movement."

Read more from JumpStart, the early-stage ventures development group that has helped to invest in MesoCoat.


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