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Sustainability round up: More incentives for residential renewables

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/25/09 @ 6:04pm

Green Energy Ohio has launched a rebate program if you install a solar thermal system for hot water in your home. The rebate amount scales up based on how much thermal energy you produce in a day, capped at $2,400. So, add this incentive to the federal stimulus package's tax deduction of 30% of the cost of installing a renewable energy system and suddenly the first cost on solar-produced hot water to the early birds who jump on this could be reduced by 50% or more. For a primer on how solar thermal works and how it integrates with your existing home heating system, read this article. For a local example of solar thermal, click here.

Why Conservatives Should Care About TransitPublic transit and walkable neighborhoods are necessary for the creation of a country where families and communities can flourish. Read more.

America's road hogs veer off freeway, hop on busReuters reports:

  • America's love of driving shifts into low gear
  • U.S. sees big increase in public transit, car sharing
  • "Smart consumption is the new black."

New local web sites launching

  • The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative launched a new blog.
  • Cleveland Bike Week (May 11-17, 2009) has a new and improved website.
  • Sustainable Community Associates has a new website with photos, videos and information on its LEED-ND East College Street Project in Oberlin.
  • RealNeo has launched a website for its new Citizen Dashboard Project.

Also, check out this inspiring, well-produced series on Hulu narrated by Brad Pitt on sustainably designed communities.

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