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Schwarz wins Arts Prize for Shrinking, Pop Up and Reimagining cities

Marc Lefkowitz  |  05/18/09 @ 10:55am

Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative senior planner Terry Schwarz will receive a Cleveland Arts Prize-deservedly so-for pushing the dialogue toward creative ways Cleveland addresses being a shrinking city.

Schwarz has shown imagination and pluck bringing the international Shrinking Cities exhibit and urban reuse experts to town, organizing Temporary Use events like Leap Night and Bridge Mix which attract kindred artists and urban planner types, and editing Pop Up City, the latest UDC Urban Infill series book that takes a colorful look at how entrepreneurial energy can raise awareness and build a new sense of community around Cleveland's great unused places. And her work on Reimagining Cleveland, a major new planning initiative with Neighborhood Progress Inc., is a national model on how Shrinking Cities can regenerate land and community through healthy uses like small-scale farming and generating renewable energy. More.

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