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University Circle Green Team - May 2009 Meeting Notes

Chris Bongorno  |  06/23/09 @ 1:32pm

First of all, I'm happy to report that our email list has grown, due to a number of new participants. At our May meeting, we had eight new attendees, including four organizations who had not yet participated. As usual, the attendee list is at the end of the minutes, which are attached to this post in PDF form. If you have any comments/corrections, please email them to me (cbongorno@universitycircle.org) and I will make changes. Please note that I am still looking for input in regard to UC Green Team vision/mission statement. Please send your comments and ideas to me and I will incorporate them into a draft.

Next, we have had progress on a couple initiatives since the May meeting:

  • First, our carbon footprint pilot group had its first meeting on May 28th. We will keep the group posted as we move forward, but one of our outcomes was to develop a template that will be easy for every institution to use for the purposes of a district-wide footprint analysis at some point in the near future. GCBL staff is working diligently on this effort.
  • Second, our Waste Sub-committee held its first meeting on June 17th with 11 people representing 6 organizations. Additional information from that meeting will be shared as progress is made.
  • Third, we are working with the City of Cleveland to try to secure some free rain barrels for Circle residents. The first round will be installed in late-June and another round will be installed in late-July. If you think your institution would be able to use one (there are restrictions on the types of downspouts ? primarily residential size), please let me know and I can share the information with you.
In terms of upcoming events and activities, Cleveland Clinic has invited its neighbors to participate in a weekly bike ride on Wednesdays at noon along the Euclid Corridor (Health Line) in conjunction with the Farmers Market at Cleveland Clinic. For more information, contact David Pauer or visit www.cchs.net/wellness/bikeride.asp. If you have any updates or announcements of your own, please post them here or let me know for our next emailing update.

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