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Port blocks Dike 14, mayor likes waste-to-fuel and RTA eyes bike parking

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/03/09 @ 12:00pm

  • The Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority flexed its muscle and delivered a blow to the Dike 14 Nature Preserve. The Port indicated this month that it is not willing to collaborate on a Clean Ohio Fund grant to clean up Dike 14, a former dredge facility that a collaborative including the Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Museum of Natural History and others feel is a sure bet for the state's Conservation fund. The plan is to reshape the dike, which the Port owns, into a park and birding area by adding trails and boardwalks for public access. This 88-acre greenspace is already an Important Bird Area for thousands of migrating birds along Cleveland's lakefront. The Port pulled the plug on the grant proposal because it wants more time to think about how Dike 14 fits into its move to E. 55th Street. While observers note the move doesn't necessarily change the long-term goals of Dike 14, it will at best delay it for years and is a huge disappointment.
  • Great post from Slate, "What Would Get Americans Biking to Work? Decent parking." People would be much less likely to drive into Manhattan if they knew their expensive car was likely to be stolen, vandalized, or taken away by police. And yet this is what was being asked of bicycle commuters? In many American places, there are more (car) parking spaces than people.
  • Speaking of investing (albeit minimally) in bike parking, RTA will dedicate $30,000 from their Transit Waiting Environments fund to pay for bike amenities. Even though thirty grand won't go very far, it may pay for bike racks or even bike lockers at a few stations. In related news, we've learned that RTA will send staff to attend NOACA Bicycle Advisory Committee meetings.
  • At a recent Greater Cleveland Partnership meeting, Mayor Jackson spoke about gasification of waste, wind farms, his decision to keep Burke Lakefront Airport and improve it (citing 90-100,000 flights a year, which, he says is a business attractor even though most corporate jets are at the county airport). The gasification to waste and the recent trip by Cleveland Public Power to China and Japan to seek out a system that converts waste to energy is a sign that the city is leaning toward this alternative energy project possibly as a post-sustainability summit commitment.

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