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What's happening in sustainability 9.28.09

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/30/09 @ 1:16pm

  • Cleveland has installed its first LED street lights. A recent visit to Hopkins Airport reveals that Cleveland Public Power and the city have installed energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps on the road at the end of the exit ramp where street improvements were recently completed. We hope this is the beginning of many more.  Photos here. 
  • The Ohio City Bike Co-op's Top Ten Cycling Improvements for Cleveland are clear, practical and achievable (with more leadership from city government and, especially, at the region's transportation agency, NOACA).
  • On Tuesday (9/29), Case Western Reserve University joins 400 other restaurants and cafés operated by Bon Appétit around the country in preparing their annual 'locavore' meal-ingredients are sourced from within 150 miles of their kitchens. For this year's Eat Local Challenge, Chef Shirelle Boyd of BRB Café at Case will make a stuffed pork loin wrapped with turkey bacon with maple syrup and caramelized onion reduction sauce and shrimp creole pizza with the bounty from local purveyors such as Veggie Valley Farms, Stutzman Farms and Calala's Water Haven.
  • Discover's 9 Eco Rules Humans Shouldn't Break If We Want to Survive is eye-opening, but we think it fails to read between the lines (for instance, how are we not breaking the land-use rule when it's a major factor in species loss?).
  • Talking Heads frontman David Byrne in his new book, Bicycle Diaries writes, "Our value and hopes are sometimes awfully embarrassingly very easy to read. They're right there-in the storefronts, museums, temples, shops, and office buildings and in how these structures interrelate, or sometimes don't. They say, in their unique visual language, "This is what we think matters, this is how we live and how we play." Riding a bike through all this is like navigating the collective neural pathways of some vast global mind. It really is a trip inside the collective psyche of a compacted group of people.
  • Pearl Road Auto Wrecking (pictured above) became the owner of the second wind turbine in Cuyahoga County when it erected its 140-ft. tower and raised the 120-kilowatt turbine head and blades on September 11, 2009.  More photos herePearlwind.com website.

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