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Three groups look to leverage sustainability network for 2019 projects

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/03/10 @ 1:11pm

The 2019 Sustainable Water group, Strategic Partnerships and Learning and the 'G5'-a collaboration of five communications groups from the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 summit-have wisely decided to tap their group projects into the existing sustainability network. The three groups are meeting regularly to establish plans for public awareness campaigns and to build on existing sustainability efforts in the region.

The Sustainable Water group has a theme-'Drink Local. Drink Tap.' But they're still looking for help with a campaign roll out on March 22, to coincide with World Water Day. The group has also reserved a table at EarthFest, on April 18. At their recent meeting, held at Earth Day Coalition's office, 2019 Water group co-chair Pam Davis announced that the Cleveland Division of Water Pollution Control is willing to help support the campaign (even though the city has its own slogan, "Go with the flow, drink water on the go"). Another potential partner is the Waterband and their Wishing Well Foundation - both have roots in Cleveland. The band's manager offered to coordinate the group and the band's plans for the 22nd. The 2019 group will meet this Friday at 8 a.m. at the West Side Market Café to figure out the best direction to take a drink local water campaign. For more information.

The G5 group has a similar trajectory-with a larger scope. The G5 is a collaboration of Work Groups with similar missions-to promote the plans and projects taking shape from the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 effort. The groups also arranged to have a table and send ambassadors to EarthFest. At their meeting last week, the G5 brainstormed how to make a big splash about 2019 to the thousands of Clevelanders who come to the area's largest environmental event. One possible avenue would be a participatory experience where you can post sticky notes on a board (similar to the exercise at the 2009 summit) that asks for a vision of what a green city on a blue lake can be in 2019? The G5 group meets again tonight (3/2) at ABC Tavern at 5:30 p.m. For more information.

The Strategic Partnerships and Learning group has plans to build an online and real space social network for regional collaboration and idea sharing around urban sustainability in the Great Lakes region. The group met and exchanged ideas with Great Lakes Urban Exchange (GLUE), an existing network of young urbanites interested in revitalizing Rust Belt cities. They plan to, "start building prototypes and are now working on a partership model." For more information.

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