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Mayor Jackson, sustainability chief explain SC2019 vision at Tri-C

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/20/10 @ 12:00pm

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and his chief of Sustainability Andrew Watterson explained the city's vision for "building a green economic engine that empowers Cleveland to be a green city on a blue lake" to a packed auditorium today at Tri-C Metro.

"Sustainability and innovation creates economic opportunity," the mayor said.

Watterson revisited the goals of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (SC 2019) summit and the process that led to 20 work groups, a cross section of volunteers who are helping guide the priorities for the city.

"Right now, we're in deployment stage," Watterson said. "Last summer, at the summit, we had 700 people engaged in the dream, discover and design stage."

The strategic plan for SC2019-to be created by a consultant that the city expects to name this week-will tell them "what is the portfolio of projects and the timeline to move forward," Watterson added. "And it will help us with the recipe…and what's still missing. (The plan is about) how we build up the portfolio to enable those projects coming out of the summit."

The city and the 2019 Steering Committee are working on the plans for a follow up summit, to be held on September 22-23, again at Public Hall, with a public day on September 24 at Tower City that will feature the Work Groups and an advanced energy fair (with regional companies in the advanced energy supply chain on hand).

Watterson sees this year's summit as an opportunity to bear down on the strategic plan, which the city expects the consultants to complete in June.

"This year, the plan is to bring the whole system together again. We'll focus on the initiatives coming out of the (strategic) plan, and how we get the whole system moving forward. We want it to accelerate the work of the outcome groups.

"What we're looking for are projects, programs and ideas with high economic, high social and high environmental value. We're trying to design a sustainable economy that will last over time and not sacrifice people or the environment to get to those economic gains."

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