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2019 participants working on a Collaborative Campus project

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/27/10 @ 9:15am

A new project-based learning initiative is interested in undoing the tangled legacy of The Cleveland Innerbelt. Just as it took the great urban planner Daniel Burnham a generation to teach school kids in Chicago about the benefits of access to the lakefront, The Collaborative Campus is the first step in training some of Cleveland's young adults to view transportation as opportunity space.

The Collaborative Campus is a project located at the nexus of an interstate highway that divides two city colleges and the Woodland/Central neighborhood from downtown. Recently, young adults living in the shadow cast by that decision were asked to consider how they would remake the dead zones caused by the highway, ramps and access roads around E. 22nd and E. 24th streets between Central and Carnegie avenues. Community development group Campus District, Inc., Cuyahoga Community College Metro and Cleveland State University was initiated by Dr. Michael Schoop President of Tri-C Metro and attendee of the SC2019 Summit with participation from Marianne Eppig of the 2019 Strategic Partnership and Learning group and Mark Duluk of the 2019 Emerald Tapestry (Vacant Land) group, are showing students how to use the tools of the urban design trade to reshape their neighborhood.

The project isn't solely about transportation, rather, it's about the spaces between and as such the students hope to weave a plan for a holistic design for the Campus District. The students are surveying neighbors, engaging with professionals in a dialogue about how the built environment can improve quality of life and sketching out solutions to issues of isolation and to promote a more a positive street scene.

The early results show one thing: These kids don't carry all of the baggage of being told no-see their visions for bike routes, walking paths, gardens, dance programs, festivals and new housing. It's a big goal: to redraw connections between a part of the city that the highway helped time forget.

The final presentation of the proposal for the Campus District, Inc. is on August 3rd, 10:30-noon at Tri-C Unified Technology Center, Rm 140, 2415 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland. For more details and to see the Collaborative Campus Project presentations, visit their blog.

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